About GreyRobotics

Who are we??

Passionate about building robots, GreyRobotics was founded by two young graduates in January 2018. Connecting technology to society is what we at GreyRobotics consider as our moto. We believe in building “Robots For People” and make life easier. Percept, Process, Automate is our work algorithm

What we do?

Engineering revolves around the three P's. Project. Prototype. Product. We at GreyRobotics touch upon all the three P's. We ideate Projects, build Prototypes and design Products.


Our Outstanding Services.

Designing of PCB’s for any kind of electronic circuits up to 4 layers.

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PCB Designing

Workshops and training sessions for school and engineering students. Development of customized Robotic learning kits also available.

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Robotic Workshop And Training

Guidance and Support for development of engineering projects for all years.

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Engineering Projects

Designing of Automation and Robotic systems for Industrial usage.

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Solutions For Industrial Applications

IOT solutions for industrial as well as home automation.

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IOT Solutions

Want to increase the efficiency of your solar panels?

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Solar Panel Cleaning Solutions

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Our Official Distributors

Pune - RoboticsDNA

Mumbai - MicroImpex

For Dealership and Franchise details contact us at greyrobotics@gmail.com

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Tel: +91 8433601424
Email: greyrobotics@gmail.com